Dominican Republic Time: Thu, 08 June 2023 12:10 PM



It's time to get active in the Dominican Republic!


How misleading publicity shots of the Caribbean can sometimes be. Take, for example, the standard brochure photograph of a perfect beach surrounded by water so flat that it could have been painted in. No one would deny that the scene is idyllic, restful and inviting, although few I imagine would be energized by the picture. Of course, some come to the Dominican Republic to relax in just these types of surroundings; others, however, want to play. For them the sea is a playground, where wind and waves are not necessarily bad things. They come not so much to gaze longingly at the horizon, as to form part of it as they mess about on their boards and boats. Others choose to explore underneath the surface, where the world is as hectic as any of our human metropolises. The water is something dynamic and fun, the Dominican Republic has plenty of it, and so it is a logical place to look for adventure.


If this web site were about any other Caribbean country than the Dominican Republic, we would probably not have much to say in this section. The region is, after all, synonymous with aquatic pursuits, and having dealt with these what else is there to detain us? But the fact that adventure travelers can enjoy just as many activities on land as in the water is precisely what makes the Dominican Republic stand out from the rest of the pack. A Creole proverb states that 'Beyond mountains there are more mountains', and whether you are riding, hiking, biking or climbing the Dominican highlands is the perfect place to find adventure.


How do you like your adventures in the air? Plane and helicopter rides for tourists are all well and good, but can do a little better than that. You've got wet; you've got dirty; now it's time to get dizzy.